A bit about me

I'm a Freelance illustrator and motion designer with a First Class BA Hons degree in Graphic Design & Illustration from De Montfort University. In 2018 'Mega Meltdown' will be released, a book that I created. I have worked with clients from all over the UK and America.

I am a dog-lover, food enthusiast, computer nerd, drummer and I love camping. Thank you for visiting my website, if you want to get in touch for commissions please contact me or my agent - NB illustration.


‘Three Years’ curated by William Wright – Leicester, May 2016

Starpack silver award winner
First place – Checkland Kindleysides Brief, June 2016
Writer and illustrator of 'Mega Meltdown'


Ballpit magazine
De Montfort News - October 2017
De Montfort Insight magazine - 2017
De Montfort News  - December 2016
Emerging Talent - 2016
They Draw and Travel
Three years on – #1 Annual 2016